I’m a heavy Twitter user, It’s one of my favorite social media networks since a few years now and since I own an Android device I tried different Twitter clients, some of them are really buggy, some are paid ones and others are complicated and too expensive. Because of all the reasons above I kept using the official Twitter app until Android developer, Sam Ruston published his own Twitter client called Flamingo.

Sam is mostly known for his forecast app called Weather Timeline. He also have some other free apps like Flip Currency, Craft and more. All of his apps are following material design guidelines, Sam also won a Material Design Award at Google I/O! How cool is that !Even thought Flamingo is a paid app it’s definitely the best designed.

The app’s UI is very simple, there are three tabs at the top that you can customize as you like. By default there are:

  • Timeline place where you can find and view your twitter feed. You can favorite, retweet and more by taping on a tweet. Links have ‘card’ feel with different colors which looks awesome! It gives it a more fluent feel.
  • Mentions is probably my favorite feature/tab. It shows tweets in which you are tagged. I love it since I can reply faster, everything is more organized and I can easily see all the tweets at once.
  • Messages doesn’t need special explanation. Everything looks and feels clean. You can see some nice animations when opening conversations, If you want to create new conversation, there are some suggested users but you can of course search for particular user.

Tweeting from Flamingo is similar to the official twitter app except it looks and feels a little bit different. You have the option to add gifs (with a built in search engine), save tweets, add location, take or add a photo… At the bottom there are also two shortcuts for @ (mentions) and # (hashtags). I found myself using hashtags quite a lot. If you are tweeting a lot, Flamingo is the right place to do so since it has some extra features that can be very handy plus it’s a real pleasure to navigate in such a beautifully crafted app !

Is theming important to you? Well Flamingo have a big variety of presets you can pick from. Of course there are many different settings so you can really tweak Flamingo the way you want. You can also save your palette in case you want to switch styles.

Flamingo also features a night mode ! It’s more advanced than one on the official Twitter app. It’s more pleasant, and unlike the official twitter app, you can actually schedule night mode to kick in at a certain time so you don’t have to worry about enabling/disabling it everyday. You can also change accent color and night mode background to dark (default), black and midnight blue. If you haven’t tried night mode on Twitter you should but Flamingo does it even better.

Beside all awesome features the one I’m the most happy about is App Shortcuts (new API introduced in Android 7.1) Flamingo packs four shortcuts: Search, Profile, Send message and New tweet. Much convenient.

If you think 2,30€ is a bit pricey for an app, let me tell you that for Flamingo it’s not. The app is completely worth it, you get a full pack of features, a bunch of customization options and a beautiful, clean and easy to use interface.

This is my number one recommendation to everyone using Twitter on a daily basis. Once you get in and get evertyhing setup the way you want you’ll absolutely love it !

If you are looking for feature packed app and simplistic design, look no further !

This is not a paid promotion for Flamingo, i bought the app and tried it myself to give you an honest review of it.