Holidays are almost over and we are all loving to view (and compare) our photos. Me and my friends did this a while ago and I realized something… No matter the phone, my friends photos have way more noise than mine and most of them looked blurry and overexposed. This is why I’m writing this article, to improve and show you this little trick that you can do no matter the phone you have (…don’t expect miracles if your phone’s camera isn’t a little good).

Before I’m going to explain this and tell you both sites of using this ‘trick’, I need to say that you might already know about this (especially if you know something about photography). If you’re the point and shoot type of person this will improve the quality of your pictures.

Most phones cameras tend to overexpose picture when the environment is very dark (the detection isn’t really on point so you end up with overexposed pictures). This could be a good thing if you like to take a picture of something dark since you want to expose it enough to see it, maybe even use the flashlight if the object is close enough. The problem of over exposed picture occurs when you try to take a photo of a city lights or Christmas tree or fireworks, where you want to focus on very bright object and everything else is irrelevant.

So all you need to do is ‘play’ with exposing setting. You need to find it yourself. It looks different depending on your phone and app you’re using.

Drag down that sun to see the effect

This feature is available for Google’s camera (so for all Nexus and Pixel devices) but you can also find it in OnePluse 3 and 3T (not sure for previous models) and I’m sure this feature is available for many other Android phones it’s not a new feature at all. If you can’t find it you can still download Google’s Camera app. It’s free.

If you want to get those really cool looking photos you need to under exposed your photo. Pros about doing this is that you will reduce noise and the photo itself will look better. I would recommend to use this trick only when you are trying to capture something very bright (and you don’t mind about the background and other objects in the frame) and it works the best at night!

I know this might be something you already know but well I at least remember you about this. I can’t wait to see your results using this trick. Make sure to send us some of you photos you’ve taken at night using this trick on our mail: [email protected]