Unless you are a new Android user, I’m sure you’ve installed and deleted a lot of different apps. You probably can’t even remember the first app you installed on your first Android device! If we go to “All Apps and Games” on the Google Play Store, swipe to “All,” than scroll to the bottom, we can actually find that out. (I was scrolling for a while). My first app that I ever downloaded to my first Android device was… Adobe Acrobat Reader. Yes, nothing too exciting. What your first app? Let us know in the comments!

But I’m sure you are ready to hear about Muzei, a wallpaper app. It’s might an app you’ve tried before and maybe even loved. The app has reached the 1,000,000 download mark on the Google Play Store and was last updated on November 12, 2015. Sure, that’s a long time without an update, but the app still works as it should and almost all the critical features are there. The developer, Roman Nurik, is probably working on some other projects, which would explain the lack of updates. Nevertheless, the app still has good reviews with total score of 4.4 out 5 stars over 47,001 ratings.

The main purpose of this app is to change the wallpaper of your phone every day. What makes it different from other wallpaper-changing apps is that it auto blurs the background images, which by default (and this is really cool) are famous works of art. The blurring of the wallpaper makes the app icons pop out more, which I really like.

You can customize the blur, dim and greying amounts that Muzei will use for your wallpaper. This app can also apply the wallpaper (blurred or no) to the lock screen. If you double tap anywhere on the home screen, the blur will disappear for a few seconds, allowing you to see the image (typically artwork) un-blurred.

If setting your wallpaper to a famous work of art seems a bit boring, you can actually add your own wallpapers. You can also adjust the rate at which the wallpapers change to your preference. But one of the coolest features of Muzei is that many wallpaper apps and icon packs have Muzei support. That means you can grab wallpapers from those other apps right from inside Muzei. And it isn’t hard to find a source for wallpapers that suit your tastes well; there are many out there. One of my personal favorite Muzei-integrated apps is Imgur. It allows you to customize the images a lot, as you can set the image source, topic source, update interval and more with Imgur. I’m sure you are going to love Muzei with Imgur if you already browse Imgur’s extensive image library.

I didn’t wrote this article as a review of the Muzei app since I know most of you have already used it. I wrote it because I think you should give it another go. Remember, there are some older apps like Muzei that are still worth trying out!