There are so many different weather-related apps available in the Play Store. I’m sure many of you have already downloaded, tried and used some of them. But since the selection is so big, where should the newcomer start? Search for ‘weather’ in Google Play store and you will get long list of apps. But which one should the newcomer choose?

Weather is something we all face, “weather” we like it or not. When leaving your home to go to school or work, weather conditions matter. Being prepared and knowing if it’s going to rain or not can be really helpful. You can easily check different weather related websites if you are on your computer, but nowadays our smartphones have become smart enough to tell us current and upcoming weather conditions. As I already mentioned, there are tons of different weather apps you can pick from.

Some weather apps available for Android include Weather Underground, AccuWeather, and Yahoo Weather. Almost all of these apps are really well designed, but they are filled with tons of features that I don’t need. Many of them are rather complex and have a bit of a learning curve. But additional features and strange design choices may lead to deleting the app since you don’t need that much information.

The best ‘app’ I have found so far is Google Weather. It’s not an app, if we are to be exact; it’s already built into the Google app. I’m sure you already have it on your Android phone. Just say ‘Ok Google’ to activate the voice command (if you have already set up voice activation), then say ‘What’s the weather’ or ‘Do I need an umbrella tomorrow.’ Google will then show you its built-in weather app. If you want to expand it to be full screen, just tap the downwards arrow, and you will enter fullscreen mode.

This Google Weather app doesn’t give you many options to pick from, but its simple design will definitely grow on you over time. From the top bar you can search for different places. The default is set to your location which is really useful.

Swiping from the left side of the screen and you will see the only few options. You can change the temperature units and add a shortcut to this ‘app’ to your home screen. This second one is very useful if you don’t want to say/type ‘What’s the weather?’ into the Google app every time you want to see the forecast.

The settings option, however, will only take you to the settings of the Google app. You can’t really set or change anything related to the Google Weather ‘app’ from there. Tapping the “Help” button is also useless, since you don’t get any additional information regarding Google Weather.

Right under the search bar, you will find three tabs: Today, Tomorrow and 10 Days. Tapping the tabs or swiping to the left lets you transition between these three screens. The latter I find the most interesting and useful. Obviously, the “10 Days” screen lists the forecast for the next ten days. However, if you want to learn some additional information on a specific day, you can tap on that day. It will then expand to show some additional information about the weather for the day you picked.

I’m sure Google Weather isn’t for everyone, but if you haven’t decided what the perfect weather app for you is, make sure to check it out since it’s free. If you ask me, it looks and feels really nice, and with the additional illustrations for specific types of weather, it looks even more pleasing. So give it a go and let us know what you think of it!