Most Android devices come pre-loaded with apps for email, texting, and web-browsing. Manufacturers hope that you will use their apps from day to day, yet often these apps are not intuitively designed and can be a pain to use.

Luckily, Android allows people to replace those horrendous default applications easily. Yet there are myriads of third-party texting, emailing, and web-browsing apps out there! The goal of this article is to give a quick summary of my top ten favorite apps that are must-haves.

  1. First, you have to install Nova Launcher. It’s a replacement launcher for whatever home app shipped with your device. Smooth, beautiful, and feature-rich, Nova is one solid launcher. Free, with an in-app purchase for “Pro” features. I highly recommend the upgrade.
  2. For SMS, Textra rules the land. It is feature-rich, with material design. The customizability of this app is simply incredible. You can change the bubble shapes, app colors, notification styles, and much more. It’s free, with an optional in-app purchase to remove ads.
  3. For Email, get Inbox by Gmail. An alternative to the typical Gmail app, Inbox provides amazing features, such as adding reminders, snoozing emails, and better inbox organization. It’s completely free, with no ads or in-app purchases.
  4. For Web, check out Google Chrome. In most cases, it’s probably already installed on your device. But if it isn’t, get it downloaded right away. Chrome is a stable, feature-rich web-browser from Google that keeps getting better and better. Free, of course, without ads or in-app purchases.
  5. Take pictures? Try Google Photos. With unlimited cloud photo storage, fantastic search functionality, and easy photo sharing, Google Photos is simply amazing. It is yet another app by Google that is completely free.

Alright. Now that I’ve covered the top replacement apps for bloatware that many Android devices come with, I want to point out some fantastic Android apps that truly make using Android an enjoyable experience.

  1. For listening to podcasts: Pocket Casts. Love listening to podcasts? Then check out Pocket Casts, which has been awarded by Google a Material Design award. Seriously, this is one killer app for podcasts. If you don’t listen to podcast, then perhaps check out this one to get you started. Pocket Casts costs $3.99, but to be honest, that is quite a steal.
  2. For RSS feeds: Palabre. RSS is one fantastic way to keep up with websites and the articles they publish. And one of the best apps for that is Palabre. Material Design, custom themes, and offline sync are just some of the many features packed into this one app. Free, with an in-app purchase to remove ads.
  3. For wallpapers: Backdrops. We have an article coming soon about this amazing app. Free, high-res wallpapers, of which there are literally hundreds of. Definitely check out this app, and keep an eye out for the full review. Free app, with in-app purchase to remove adds and enable pro features.
  4. Avid Twitter user? Use Flamingo. Zan reviewed it a while back, and I absolutely love it as well. Check out the review here. Cost $2.49.
  5. Need a To-Do app? Todoist all the way. Zan also reviewed this app, and I’ve been using it for a while. It’s my go-to app for jotting tasks down. The review is here. Free, with optional subscription for Pro features.

Of course, there are so many apps that I could list in this article, but there just isn’t enough space here. I hope this article has been helpful, and maybe you’ve found a new app that you hadn’t heard of or tried before. If you think of an app that I should have listed here, pop that into the comments and let me know.