As someone who likes to freshen up his device with new wallpapers, I’ve been ever on the lookout for the perfect wallpaper app. Some apps were hard to use, others had a poor selection, and still others bombarded me with ads. I had resorted to using a more archaic method of changing my wallpaper. I would find wallpapers online, download them, then set them manually. It wasn’t until recently that I heard again about this free app called Backdrops, an app that I had used in ages past, but had found extremely buggy.

Now, nearly a year later, it came up in my news feed, and it was being praised as if it was the best app in the world. I wondered if some of the bugs had been ironed out, so I installed it again. I’m glad that I did. Scrolling through wallpapers is extremely smooth, as is the image loading. One of the biggest bugs was that it would take forever to apply any given wallpaper; sometimes it would even fail that basic task. That bug is gone now!

Thus, I present to you a review of Backdrops, now bug-free!

The app is categorized into four tabs: “Community,” “Explore,” “Collections,” and “Favorites.” Obviously, “Community” contains user-uploaded images, which I believe are individually reviewed by moderators. “Explore” contains “official” wallpapers from the people behind the app. “Collections” are… you guessed it: collections of wallpapers. And “Favorites” holds wallpapers that you’ve “favorited.” A neat feature is that the list of favorites syncs between devices if you choose to sign into the app.

The wallpapers in this app are high res, often at a greater resolution than FHD. Plus, they’re of incredible quality.

There is an in-app purchase which unlocks a few features: no ads, the ability to save “official” Explore wallpapers, and access to Pro Pack collections. To be clear, you are able to set any wallpaper (except the Pro Pack ones) as your own home screen wallpaper. You just can’t download the Explore wallpapers as individual files. (You can save the Community wallpapers to your device, however.)

I highly recommend that you check Backdrops out if you’re looking for an amazing wallpaper app. Plus it’s free, so you have nothing to lose in trying it.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Backdrops, a free wallpaper app. Check it out on the Google Play store here.