I’m using Google Calendar on daily bases. I have all of my classes schedule so I never miss one. This is not Google Calendar review but I can easily say that it’s one of my favorites calendar apps. Since I’m fan of material design and everything sync to other devices, it have just enough features for me.

With the latest update, Google Calendar, adds option for connecting to Google Fit. Before this integration we already have an option for setting up an activity or as Google is calling it ‘Goal’. You can choose different goals like exercise (which is not new but because of new Google Fit integration it works even better), build a skill, family and friends, me time and organize my life.

Of course Google Fit integration only works with an exercise option. Well I’m not a Google Fit user but maybe this new update will forces me to use the app more but also to exercise more. Google Fit allows you to connect it with different third party apps to make your experience and to see your progress better.

After you downloaded Google Fit switch back to Google Calendar and tap FAB (floating action button) at the bottom right. Tap ‘Goal’ and than choose Exercise option (at the top of the screen). After that you will need to decide what kind of exercise you want to do and how many times a week. At the end you will also need to selec for how long will you do it and when do you have some time for that activity.

After picking all of those option you will see option for connecting your new ‘goal’ to Google Fit app. You can choose to connect it or if you don’t have Google Fit you can still continue without it. After that Google Calendar will automatically find the perfect hour for your activity.

On calendar you will see big illustration that should represent your activity. Tapping on it and you will see your integration with Google Fit app. Since I’m a bit sick I can’t show you my results and how everything should look. I’m sure that this new update will really help you if you want to start exercising more. If you are already using Google Calendar as your calendar of choice I would recommend your to try this new update out!

Make sure to update Google Calendar and Google Fit to try out this new integration. I’m sure some of you will like it!

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