Even though email is technically really old service we still need it. You can sign up to most of the social media websites and subscribe to your favorite blog with it. But because we use our smartphones more and more companies and developers started working on mail apps so we could check our emails almost everywhere we are.

It’s interesting how many mail clients you can find on the Play Store but today I want to focus on Inbox by Gmail. As you can probably already tell this is Gmail ‘client’ developed by Google. It’s amazing rating of 4.2 on Google Play Store really shows how good this app really is and with 10 million downloads, I can easily say it’s also really popular.

I was a beta tester of this app since I got the invite from someone. I can tell that back then I was really impressed with the design and functionality. I really love it from the start but I remember that some of the users didn’t enjoy as much. The main focus of this app really stayed the same over time and developers really didn’t work hard to add new features. Yes, a few mounts after the Android release Google published iOS version and the Web version of the app. I’m still hoping that they will develop Windows version since there was a beta for Macs (but they didn’t continue with the development).

If you are Gmail user I’m almost sure you already heard about Inbox but if you didn’t you will definitely get used to it right away. Apps look familiar but Inbox has some really nice features that I want to talk about.

The idea behind the app is that it helps you clean/work on your inbox to get to zero inbox by different techniques. One of my favorites is grouping. Inbox will automatically put different emails into different groups. With that, you will find and work on more important emails since you won’t give attention to your Social group. This feature really makes your inbox cleaner and more organized.

Even though most mail clients nowadays Inbox also allows you to swipe right to ‘done’ the email or swipe left to reschedule when do you want to see that mail again. That comes really handy if you are really busy at the moment and you don’t want to forget about that email which you can work on later. I also found this feature useful when I don’t want to take a look at certain things but I will work on them later.

Reminder is something that I don’t use so often but I’m sure some of you will love this feature. If you want to add new reminder just tap FAB (floating action button) at the bottom right. From there you will see that you have the option to compose new mail set reminder and suggested (most recent) contacts). Tap on reminder button and start writing down what you need to remember. You can also schedule it so it will pop into inbox at the certain time. If you are a big fan of this feature you can tap the reminder switch at the top of the app (right beside the search button) to only see your reminders. This could be useful if you have a lot of email and reminders at the same time to organize and see only the reminders.

One of the coolest features is probably ‘Smart’ reply. Back then it was one of the first signs that artificial intelligence will become part of our daily life. Even though the first answers weren’t the best they really improve over time.

Inbox is also connected to the Google Calendar. That’ means if event is going on you will see in the app as happening now same apply if even is going to happen. When you tap on events you will get this really nice looking illustration that I really like. This feature will only work if even have a setting to send you a mail (x time before the even), by default you get email 30 minutes before the event but of course, you can change that.

As much as social folder Inbox also organize promotions, purchases, and trips. That is really handy if you have tons of different emails and you want to only focus on the important ones. Of course, you can also create your own ‘folder’.

One of the coolest features is highlights at glance. That means you will see all of the pictures, reservations, calendars, purchases and more right away. You will need to tap to expand whole mail but sometimes those highlights at glance come really handy if you need to decide what’s important or if you want to find a particular email.

I’m sure that there are much more advanced apps available in the Play Store but I think Inbox by Gmail fits me the most. If you’re already using Gmail on your Android device you should give Inbox a try. It won’t disappoint you.

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