If you go to the Google Play’s Top Charts, I’m sure you will find some Android Antivirus app which in the way aren’t that bad. The apps that make me think about Android, and it’s users are so-called ‘Speed boosters’ or ‘cleaners.’ Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with age-old Ccleaner.

Since Ccleaner just deletes unwanted and cashed files, I think that is the only ‘cleaning’ app you should have on your phone. I’m sure that many of you have more than 32 GB storage, so space isn’t a problem for you unless you are using your phone for a long time.

Clean Master is in 6th place in Slovenia’s Play Store, and right after it, there’s DFNDR in 8th. I have no idea why would people download and use such a programs, but people do since Clean Mater have more than 500 million downloads. In comparison, Snapchat was downloaded only 100 million times, and it’s right now probably the hottest social media for young people out there. Your favorite movie/episode watching service have again only 100 million downloads. Same goes for Spotify, Uber, SoundCloud, Kik, Waze and the list goes one.

So let’s take a look at why those kind of apps are so popular but doesn’t work as they should. Of course, I’m not talking about every Antivirus app out there. There are some really good ones like AVG and Avast, but since the competition is so high, they separated their services into different smaller apps, so you need to install up to 7 apps if you want to get all the features. That’s the reason why I stopped using ‘Antivirus apps, ’ and you don’t even need them. If your brain works and you don’t download some weird sh*t, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Zan, my phone lags on time to time and feels slow. What can I do? First of all, it all comes to how old your phone is and when the issue accrue. No, I’m not going to tell you to go and buy a new smartphone because I’m sure that you would already do that if you have enough money. I would love to talk more about this. Fixing common problems with your Android device so make sure to comment below if you would like to see that. Now back on track.

Apps like Clean Mater usually do the same thing as Ccleaner, so clean your device and for what I have tried the procedure is the same for both apps. The big ‘plus’ comes from Phone ‘Boost’ and ‘CPU Cooler’ and I see why there are so many people mislead. We don’t want to have hot phones, we want to have our phones ‘protected’ and we want to ‘save’ the battery. And because of that apps like this one have so many downloads.

First of all apps like Clean Master have this really ‘awesome’ animations that make you fell like something is going on, and it is but is not safe or recommended for your phone. You need to know that our Android devices are smart enough to work the best as they could on their own. ‘Cleaning’ RAM and Boosting your phone won’t help you. You will fill the difference with first 5 minutes but after all the closed processes start it’s going to be back to normal. Because of that, your phone will become hot since the CPU needs to work harder to start all of the processes and that will also drain a lot of battery. On apps that you ‘clean’ RAM on, you just force stopped them and that will take even more battery for your phone to open it up again when you are going to need it.

A long term use of those applications could also cause some hardware issues. It’s normal that your phone gets a bit hot when you are gaming or charging. Get used to your phone and how it works as it is. You don’t need to get an ‘extra’ battery because it will stagnate faster over time. I actually wouldn’t use apps like that but if you have a problem with your smartphone, try to take a look at costume rooms (if you are power user) or to reset it to factory settings. Whatever you do, try to avoid using such apps not just because they don’t help but also because they could harm your device!