This week we got the strange news that the Google Now Launcher won’t be available to download from the Play Store soon. This makes me think about the future of Android and what can we expect to see from Google. Discontinuation of the Google Now Launcher will have some impact on our Android devices and Operating System. I’m thrilled, but at the same time, scared at what can we expect to see the future.

Devices like Nexus and others who have Google Now Launcher as the part of their system will keep it as their primary launcher. Of course, that means that we shouldn’t expect any improvements. Even though the Launcher will still get partly updated via its Google app (since it’s a part of it), I’m sure Google won’t add any new features to it. Although it’s unclear what Google will do with Nexus devices, other OEMs can start using Google Now panel in their launchers. Companies like Motorola is also using a light skin of stock Android (that also includes the launcher), but we don’t know what decisions Google will take.

The only real thing that we are going to lost is the support of it. Even thought Google Now Launcher wouldn’t be available for download from Google Play Store, you will still be able to sideload it via the apk file.

Google Now Launcher have an awesome rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. More than 50 million people downloaded it. It’s my favorite launcher, and if I feel like I want something minimalistic, Google Now Launcher is a perfect choice. Yes, maybe it doesn’t have any customization, but because of its simplicity, it’s one of my favorite launchers. Everything just works, and if you aren’t customization freak, you will love it.

Well, I’m sure we are going to miss it, but that means we might get Pixel Launcher available to everyone (you can already download and install the Apk file). Well, I don’t know what we can expect to see from Google in the future since the company is making some strange moves, but I’m hoping to see some awesome things shortly!

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