I’ve set Evie launcher a few weeks ago as my default launcher. I have so much to say about it. Reading this article will make you download Evie launcher but be aware, you need to get used to.

I tried Evie launcher when it first came out. It was a really basic but solid launcher but I missed some of the most important features like icon pack support. Fast forward to today and I’m really happy with what Evie launcher delivers. There’s not only icon pack support but also other really awesome features. Of course, you still can’t compare it to the big guys like Nova or Action launcher 3 but since Evie launcher is completely free it’s one of the coolest launcher out there.

Well if we first dive into settings you can see that there are many things you can change here. One of my favorite settings must be the option of having a dock (since that wasn’t a case in the early versions of Evie launcher). Here you can also customize your icons with your favorite icon pack or do all the basic things like changing the size of the icons on your homescreen or just take a look at the cool gestures you can set. I’m sure developer is working hard to bring us more awesome things to Evie launcher.

Probably the biggest difference between this launcher and any other must be its Search bar. Swipe down and you already have some recommendations. Start searching and you can find your contacts, apps, places nearby, Google results and more… It’s a really an awesome thing to have on your homescreen and I’m sure most of you will love it.

Well, folders in Evie launcher looks a bit different than usual. They reminded me of an iOS folder and that’s not a bad thing. You can put as many apps as you like in them but you will only see first four in the preview on your homescreen. When you tap one the folder, you will love it’s beautiful animation. From there you can also change a name of the folder.

Swipe up and you will get all of your apps and games in Evie app drawer. You can customize it by pressing one of two buttons on the top right of the screen. You can customize the size of the icons there but there’s no way of customizing the background color which is a bit disappointing.

One of the nicest things I thought I would never use is unread badges. You can turn them on in settings. From there you can also customize it to your personal liking. You can set which apps don’t have that option etc. I’m sure that once you are going to try this you won’t turn it off.

Overall this is one of the coolest launcher I’ve tried. It doesn’t offer as much as Nova or Action launcher 3 but I’m sure you will like it. It takes some time to get used to it, so I recommend you to set a 24-hour challenge. It’s a different kind of launcher that definitely reminded me of an iOS, which is not a bad thing. There are many options in settings and as we can see the developer is really trying hard to update the launcher as much as possible. I know that this launcher is not for everyone but it might just be for you!

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