I’m sure that many of you have experienced apps not working quite right. You get that infamous ‘<insert your app here> has stopped’ message. From there you have two options. Send a crash report to the developer or just ignore the message and try again. Sometimes the ‘Force close’ message will just pop up again and the app or game won’t open at all. Here are some tips/tricks on how you might be able to get that app/game to work again.

  1. Force-Stopping the app

Go to Settings → Apps → Choose the buggy app/game → Press Force Stop button (usually right beside the Uninstall button)

What this does is it stops all the processes of the app. This ‘trick’ works for most of the previously mentioned issues, as the processes of the app/game will be terminated completely, and the entire app will restart from scratch.

2. Clearing Cache of the app

Go to Settings → Apps → Choose the buggy app/game → Storage → Clear Cache

Now, this is a little bit tricky. The Cache is the stuff that app/game stores but are not needed. It’s usually content from the internet that the app uses. It is cached so that the app loads faster. One of the biggest Cache-filling apps on your phone is probably the Facebook app. After a few days of active use, there’s probably going to be up to 50+ MB of cache from the Facebook app alone.

On this page there is also a Clear Data button. I don’t recommend pressing it, since it will delete all of the app’s data. If it’s a game, it will reset all your progress if the app doesn’t use cloud sync. You will need to login/start your game from the beginning. However, this might be an effective way of solving the issue if clearing cache doesn’t work. Essentially, it’s like reinstalling the app without all the hassle.

3. Check Permissions (Android 6.0+)

Go to Settings → Apps → Choose the buggy app/game → Storage → Permissions → Change the permissions

Permissions are awesome if you know how the use them right. If you don’t allow the app to use your camera, it won’t be able to use your camera. The problem is sometimes when you don’t allow the app some crucial permissions, the app will automatically crash or won’t work as it should. I always recommend you to allow the app to use your Storage, especially for games. This is typically the only way a game can save your progress.

4. Reinstalling the app

Possibly the most obvious solution is just to reinstall the app that is exhibiting issues. After the installation, everything should work normally.

Restarting your phone sometimes helps. Yet in some instances, it’s the developer’s mistake, and you can’t do anything to fix it. If something like that happens, try contacting the developer to let him know that something is wrong. Hopefully, the developer will fix any buggy code in his app, and you’ll get an update within a few days.

All of the instructions are written for Nexus/Pixel device, but I’m sure that you can find the same settings (but possibly differently named) no matter what kind of Android phone you have.

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