Unsplash is my favorite place to download wallpapers and stock images for blog posts. Zan made a post back in January about top 5 Wallpapers of the week. 4 out of those 5 were from Unsplash.

But Unsplash does not have an official Android app. This is where the unofficial clients come in. I’ve been using one for quite a while now. It’s called Mysplash and here’s my review.

First things first, Mysplash is a free and open source app. Okay, I know what you are thinking. It may not look good, right? Well, I’m glad to say you’re wrong. In fact, it looks beautiful.

Right when you open the app, you are presented with three tabs at the top.

New: browse through the newest uploads in this tab.

Featured: contains photos that are featured on Unsplash.

Collections: collections of photos from Unsplash and its users.

Photos can be sorted based on time and popularity. Or pick a random one if you prefer that. Add your Unsplash account to like or add a photo to your collection.

Search works extremely well. The best part of the search function is to filter the photos by orientation so that only portrait photos show up when I’m in the hunt for wallpapers for my phone. You can also search for photos in a particular category (buildings, architecture, food etc).

Select a photo and you get the options to download, share and set it as wallpaper. The EXIF data also appears below those options, if you are interested in that. Another neat little feature is to see how your homescreen looks like with the selected photo as your wallpaper.

Not a fan of the white theme? Fret not! Dark theme is there to rescue you. And did I tell you that you can download photos without any compression? To do that, go to settings and change Download scale to Raw.

Overall I like this app a lot. It is pretty and packed with nice features. That is not to say it is without any flaws. I faced some bugs like a photo not loading, downloads stopping in the middle, random crashes but with the latest update, I’m seeing less of them.

I recommend this app to everyone who are always on the look out for wallpapers or who are into photography.

Do you already use Mysplash or any other Unsplash client for Android? Tell us what you think about it in the comments below.

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Disclaimer: We were not sponsored by the app in any shape, way or form, all that is written below, is our own opinion.