Here on Android Circle, we have already reviewed one of the Maximilian Keppeler’s apps called Push-ups! We were really fascinated how good that app looks and how well it works.

Hydrate is really awesome and simple drink reminder. I know that there are tons of drink reminder apps out there but this one really stands out with its design and functionality.


Right after you open the app you can add your own personal data. It’s recommended to add your weight, lifestyle, weather, and profile (male, female) since that will help the app to personalize the amount of liquid you should drink.

For now, you won’t find any other customizability, like different colors etc. since the app is fairly new. In settings, you can change the unit system and that’s about it. Of course, I can’t forget about customizing your own drinks. That’s really awesome and I’m sure many of you will fall in love with the app just because how simple it is. You can edit every drink in the ‘Add drink’ menu. No matter if you are drinking water or smoothie you will be able to customize color, capacity, hydration factor, temperature and an icon for that particular drink.


One of the coolest things about this app is how simple it is for use. I think that’s really important since you don’t wanna spend to much time checking what did you just drank. The app offers really good design and I’m sure it will also improve over time since the developer is really working hard on new updates.

You’ve just drunk 300 ml of water, what now?

Open the app and slide right. From there you will see how many liters of liquid do you still need to drink. Tap in a circle or on the plus at the bottom of the page and select what you’ve just drunk. At the bottom of the page, you can also track how much and what you have already drunk. I’m sure that could be useful sometimes.

Nougat shortcuts

Even though this app is fairly new, the developer has already implement quick shortcuts. Now, you can record what you’ve drunk even faster. Just tap the shortcut and that’s it!


In the last, the rightest tab you also have a statistic of your drinking. It’s really simple and nice way to check out how much have you drunk in previews days. I don’t find any special use of that feature but it’s there and if I need to check out how much I drunk in previews days I can.


You also have an option persistent notification that you can enable in settings. That will add a notification in your notification panel until reaching your daily goal. As the default, you have already notifications turned on. This means that you will get a new notifications from time to time that reminds you that you need to drink something.


Since the app is new we can all expect some early bugs. The app is totally usable but I experience some inconvenience in ‘Add drink’ menu. Everything works as it should. The developer is also working hard to bring even more features to it. The last update was on March 18th and it brings some really nice new features and also some bug fixes.


The app is available for free from the Google Play store. Since developer have been working really hard on it, you will get some ads. You have 47 days of no ad use and after that period you will start seeing some kind of ads. If you want you can actually purchase pro version and remove the ads forever.

Disclaimer: We are not sponsored by the app reviewed in any way, shape, or form. All that is written below comes from our own unbiased opinion.