Sometimes I get bored of using my phone. Okay, maybe not. Perhaps the best way to put it is: sometimes I get bored of using the apps on my phone. Then I begin my search for new apps.

Play store is where I get most of my apps from (duh). But Play store’s app recommendation system leaves something to be desired. There is little scope for indie/new apps to be discovered.

Alright, tell me where to find those apps.

I was just coming right to that. These are the places where I discover latest and lesser known apps:

AppHunt is itself an app that allows users to share the apps they are using on their devices. Apps are sorted into latest and trending sections. On top of apps, you can also check out Talks, a discussion forum.
Most of the apps listed in AppHunt are from Play store. 3rd party links are also allowed when an app isn’t available on Play store.

XDA Labs
XDA is a land of Android enthusiasts. So, most of the apps that you can find here are directed towards tweakers, tinkerers, and power users. The best thing about the apps from XDA labs is there are detailed threads for their development related discussions. So, you can easily track the status of bugs, upcoming features etc.

F-Droid is a full-fledged app store but by no means a competitor to Google Play store. It consists of only free and open source apps. If you can dig your way around, you’ll amaze at the kind of apps you can come across.

Reddit’s r/Android App Store
This initially started out as an App Wiki of the r/Android subreddit and eventually developed into an app store. Most of the apps are actually made by the devs from Reddit’s Android community. One thing I like the most about this is apps for phones and apps for tablets are separated.

Do you know more places where you can find amazing apps? Feel free to tell us in the comments below.