The latest LineageOS builds come with a new gallery app. Finally!

What’s the big deal about a stock gallery app that may look and feel boring compared to 3rd party apps? For basic apps, I believe most people tend to stick with the apps that come pre-installed on their devices (or on a custom ROM, in this case). So a completely new stock app to replace the old one is a pretty big thing.

Though I don’t mind using the AOSP gallery, I think it had its run and it’s about time it should retire.

The new gallery app comes with a bottom bar which is a good thing in my opinion. After all, most of Android users own big phones. Now instead of just the album/folder view like in the previous app, there are three navigation options. Timeline, Albums, and Videos. I like this change. Especially the separate section for Videos. Also, now the app supports x265 videos and full-screen playback.

If you are a LineageOS user, tell us how you feel about the app in the comments below.