Up until 2017, smartphone displays have been traditionally sharp rectangles. Then LG decided to change that and released the LG G6. One of the big changes that the device brought to the table was a display with curved (or rounded) corners. They even updated their UI/UX to match the display.

A few months later, Samsung followed suit. The Galaxy S8 and S8+ both have curved displays, as well as rounded corners. It seems as if this is one of the new design elements that will be incorporated into future phones from various manufacturers. Many people really love the rounded corner look.

Recently, I stumbled across an app called Cornerfly. I suddenly realized that this could give my device rounded corners, despite it being a sharp rectangular display. Here’s how it accomplishes this: it overlays the rounded corner on top of whatever in on the screen, thus providing the illusion that the display is rounded.

“ It makes your phone seem a lot more premium.” — Luke Perley

The following is how to install and set up this amazing app:

  1. Download Cornerfly. It’s free!

  1. Launch the app. You’ll need to allow it access under “Accessibility.”

  1. Return to the app and hit that floating check-mark button.
  2. After running through the welcome tutorial, you should see that the app is running, and you probably have the rounded corners now.

  1. One last step, however. Click Applications, tap that icon on the top right, and set the app to run for all apps, overlaying the Status-bar and the Navigation-bar.

And you are done! There are a few settings to play around with in Cornerfly, so have some fun there. Your device now has beautiful, rounded corners!

NOTE: Recently, there have been some attacks that would utilize Android’s Overlay feature. Use caution when installing any app, especially if it isn’t from the Play Store.