It’s summer and the time flies by. I’ve always wanted to create an Android/Tech blog since I enjoy writing about those topics. That’s why a while ago Rami and I founded Android Circle. It’s been a long time since then, and now we are back. Our team has gotten bigger and our goals have been set.

We want to change tech blogging for the better. Our articles are written for Android users who want to learn new things every day. Writing reviews and articles about things that everyone has access to and can try out or use is our goal. Creating content that matters and is actually useful to many of you is our primary ambition. This is the first time that we have had such a big team; some of them you already know and some of them you will meet through this journey!

With this relaunch, I wanted to get more attention over social media and that’s why we are also going to write small articles for each social media that we have. Despite the growth of our team, we are still a bit small. However, we are looking to expand so if you have a will to write, you can send us an email. We want to create a community of writers and readers that will engage with each other. For us, it really means a lot to be a part of this awesome Android community!

We moved from Medium to WordPress, and this wouldn’t have been possible without one of my friends Justin Kruit. He is an amazing Android and web developer and a really good friend. He is also going to maintain the site so if you find any bugs or run into any problems make sure to contact him.

Lastly the team! I’m really glad to start working with some new people and I’m sure many more will join. I’ve come to be really close to some of you in the past couple of weeks working on this, so I’m really glad that we finally came to a point where we can start producing content! Happy to see so many enthusiastic people who are prepared to invest their free time in projects like this one!

I hope you will enjoy our articles, and I can’t wait what does the future holds!