Who does not like to customize their Android phones? Icon packs play an important role in this customization. Here it is, the review of Cornie, an icon pack by Patryk Goworowski. I think this is the best icon pack present on the Play Store.

Patryk Goworowski has an amazing talent for designing icons. It was his first icon pack and a huge success. With under 50,000 downloads, Cornie is the first choice of many Android users.

With an amazing rating of 4.8, it is one of the most popular icon packs and personally my favorite.


It includes about 3200+ icons; Patryk has themed almost all the possible app icons and is not stopping for an inch but taking a foot for the users.

He is providing weekly updates to users which includes about 52 to 70 icons, which is quite a lot. The guy is surely working hard for the pack.



Not only is he designing these amazing icons, but also he has provided users with 100+ quality wallpapers which blend well with the icons. Moreover, he has provided the users with 12 Zooper and 10 KWGT widgets which are, according to me,  freebies for the people who like to customize their device to a whole new level. Patryk has also provided KWGT components for weather and calendar, which suit the icon pack well.


Talking about the quality of the icons, I think they are phenomenal. The icons follow the material design guidelines which obviously look amazing. Every icon is a combination of amazing colors and shapes. See the screenshot below:

Lovely, isn’t it?

There is nothing bad about this icon pack, in my opinion. I think all you can do is praise Patryk. You can get this amazing icon pack from Google Play Store.

Final conclusion? Go for Cornie. It is worth every penny.


Disclaimer: This is not a paid review, and I have done my best to keep it objective as possible.