Many of you are probably not using the official Twitter app since it’s too basic or because of its new design. A while ago I wrote a review about Twitter clients like Flamingo, which you can read  here. I think it’s the time to talk about Twitter’s official app, mostly focusing on its new automatic night mode.

If you are a Twitter app user you probably already know about Night mode since it’s been available for quite a while now. It was at first part of an alpha and beta program, since then, however, it’s been released. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, open your Twitter app and swipe from left part of the screen. Scroll down on that drawer, and you will find your Night Mode. Depending on which version of Twitter you are using, it may look a bit different to you.

The Automatic Night Mode is available with the latest Twitter app update and the update is part of a beta release. If you already updated the app and you still can’t find the settings you should wait for another update that’s probably coming really soon. Since we are on Android, you can also download the latest APK and install it. For me, it’s unclear if this is server update or not, but we will investigate further.

Once your app is updated you are able to setup Automatic Night Mode. You can just tap the Night Mode option and pick what would you like. There’s an option to disable automatic mode in the settings. Tap Settings and Privacy > Display and Sound > Night Mode. From there you can pick if you want Night Mode to be automatic at sunset or if you want to turn it on or off.

Well, I’m really glad that official Twitter app is still updating with new features. I’m really glad for Automatic Night Mode, and I like it because it’s so convenient. It’s definitely not a big update, but I’m sure many of you will like it!  Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!