There are so many different music streaming services that it can be hard to decide which to pick. Pricing is usually the same, except for some deals and offers that only last for a few months anyway.

Prices of three top music streaming services, Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music, are around at 9,99$ a month. It’s a great deal if you are a big music lover, since you have access to “all” the songs and albums out there.

But a price like that could be a problem for someone like me, a 17 year old student. Also, despite music streaming services being a big deal in the world, Spotify isn’t available in my country (and many others). The next choice must be Apple music, right? Well, it’s probably a decent platform and has an Android companion app, but it just doesn’t feel right since I’m more of an Android user.

Therefore, we come to Google Play Music. It’s a great app. One of the biggest and most important features (that is exclusive to Google Play Music) is an option to upload up to 50,000 songs of your own choice for free! Yes, for free. At first, I didn’t really believe it, but I’ve been using it for at least a year now. This option is available on all platforms (iOS, Android, Desktop). You also have an option to stream songs while you are on WiFi and download them for offline use. Google Play Music will also start to create some playlists and stations based on what you like (with of course songs you have uploaded). You can also use option Downloaded Only that will help you find downloaded songs while offline.

The app is very well designed and got a new visual update a while ago (yet that update isn’t available in Slovenia, it’s server-side update, and I will probably need to wait sometime before getting the new UI). It’s very fluent and you will get a hang of it… you can also go to the selection where you can pick from all of the songs, but of course, that won’t work without a subscription. It’s really cool that the app doesn’t have any annoying ads or interruptions even if you only have a free version.

Uploading the songs is really easy, but it could take some time depending on how many songs you want to upload and your internet upload speed. You will need to have a computer for this since that’s the only way to upload songs. You can just ‘drag and drop’ the whole albums if you want tom which is awesome and super efficient. Later you can also edit albums and delete songs that you may not want etc…

This is by no means a review of Google Play Music, it’s just a spotlight for this really nice feature that I wish more people knew about. It’s definitely not going to be useful for those who already have subscription plans, but it’s a great solution for the rest of us! Let me know what do you think about it in the comments below!