It’s no secret that our apps are using more of our mobile data than ever before. It’s fascinating to also talk about how big apps have become in the past year or two. We’re in the era of information, and one of the most critical devices that we use are our Smartphones.

But, we still have one important factor to consider, and that’s our connectivity to the internet. Most of us have a data plan with our carrier but those who don’t have a data plan usually use public WiFi to gain access to the internet.  Since most of the data plans are expensive or don’t offer ultimate data, we are cautious of how we use it. Some OEMs have already build a ‘data saver’ option into their flavour of Android, but with this app, Google is taking their turn.

Some OEMs have already build a ‘data saver’ option into their flavour of Android, but with this app, Google is taking their turn.

Well, if you own a Nexus or Google Pixel (Stock OS), Google has already built a data saving option into the OS. Their new app works on the same principle, but in my opinion, it’s still a bit better and overall saves just a bit more data. Even though it works on the same principle, some of the features are new and even more useful although they are meant for people with the extremely small amount of mobile data.

Before I start talking about features that the app has, I want to talk about the availability of the app. The app, with all of its features, currently only available in the Philippines. Downloading the APK file in any other country is possible, but you won’t be able to use all of its most important features. One of the features that you won’t be able to use is the ability to earn data, the way this works is by installing apps that Google is promoting, and in return, you are rewarded with more mobile data. I can’t tell which additional features are also limited to the Philippines, and we also don’t have any idea when those features are going to be available worldwide, but I’m sure it’s going to be a long wait.

Well, if you are outside of the Philippines you can download the APK, but some users are complaining that the APK is not working for them, but we can confirm that it also works on the Android O Preview (which is not surprising).

The app allows users to restrict data usage of apps ranging from 10 minutes, 30 minutes to ‘Always’, view data balance, and even block apps from using mobile data.

It uses a VPN to do so, and I’m not sure on how battery friendly that is.

When Triangle is on, it can also block data from all apps, but that’s not something we haven’t seen before. The new thing here is the ability to restrict data use by time. That allows you to use the app, for example, for 10 minutes and after you finished using it, you don’t need to turn off the data. It’s a new concept of using, turning on and off, your data, and I’m sure you’ll need to get used to it.

If you have a small data plan, this app can be useful, but you need to know that apps won’t magically use less data, you will save up some data however, and I’m sure that’s important to you. The app is probably going to be even more useful with all the features, which are currently only available in the Philippines, but it works just fine as a data saver for the time being.

The app only works on mobile data, and it’s basic to use. Once you have installed the APK, open the app and tap the bottom row (lock symbol). You will need to allow the app to use the VPN once the pop-up for that shows up.

Opening an app while on mobile data, with Triangle running in a background, is going to bring the popup message from where you can pick for how long you are going to use that app. After, for example, 10 minutes the app won’t be able to use data anymore. That allows you to not worry about keeping your mobile data on all the time since no app will be able to use it if you don’t allow it. I already mentioned that you will need to get used to this, but once you do, you can save up some of your data for sure. Now if you have a plan with a lot of data, this app won’t come in handy as much. But for people who don’t want to waste their mobile data, it’s maybe something they could give a try…

You can download the apk here, and make sure to tell us what do you think about this app in the comments below.