Ever wondered if you can remove unnecessary items from any image? Yes, it’s possible with Touch Retouch app. Remove all the unwanted objects from your image to make it perfect!

It’s been a day since I am testing the ‘Touch Retouch’ App. This app is based on photo editing and this app holds the power to remove unnecessary objects from the picture. We all take photos but some of them have something which makes the whole photo not as Impressive as we want! Well, this app is just for you if you click many photos and if you wanna learn some pro editing.

First of all the user interface, right? The UI is very good to use and The app looks Very Clean to eyes. When the app is executed, there are 2 options available i.e ‘Albums’ and ‘Tutorials’. If you wanna learn how to use the app, just click on ‘Tutorials’ to learn about all available features and how to use them. Once you get to know how to use all features, go ahead and click the ‘Albums’ to select the picture that you want to edit. Once you have removed all unnecessary items from your image, go ahead and click the ‘Save’ option and the image will be saved.

I am not at all perfect in using this app, yet this app gave me very impressive results. Overall I just wanna conclude that This app is worth a try, I believe it will help you with making your Shots, wallpapers, any photo perfect! Although you won’t get the correct result every time, 1 out of 10 times the result will not Ben as you expected but as I said previously that I am still no expert using this app. So the actual results may vary. The user interface of the App is very simple which absolutely looks materialistic and Minimal UI feels very good to me. Options are clearly visible and are not at all complex. So even if you are a beginner. There will be no problem for you to use this app.

This app is not free. It is around 2$ on Play store and 130Rs in India. Overall I just wanna say that you should give this app a try if you love editing, taking photos and Shots!

Good Luck!