Wanna learn more about this new Anchor Radio app that everyone is using? According to Anchor, it’s “radio, reinvented.” If you enjoy podcasts, you may want try this app out since you can also be a creator yourself!

Social media has been around for quite a while. It’s been evolving for good. It’s not that easy to explain what Anchor is, but I can say that this could be the next big thing. Do you remember Beme? It’s the video sharing company co-founded by Casey Neistat. Well, it’s kind of the same thing, except Anchor is for audio. That comparison maybe isn’t the best one so you can also compare it to YouTube for audio. On Anchor, everyone can be a content creator and you don’t need to have an expensive microphone and studio to start making your own podcast.

The app promises to evolve podcasting. The app has been around for a while now, but even though I tried it a couple of months ago, I didn’t use it a lot. They have some great investors, and the app has been featured in some really fancy publications. You may not hear it but I’m sure it’s going to make it’s way to mainstream social media in a year or two (if not less). I think that the future of this service is promising.


Well, you may be disappointed but even though the app has definitely gain popularity over time, there still aren’t a lot of content creators, at least for now. I’m really interested in Tech and Android but I couldn’t find any Android related profiles. There are some Tech ones, but nothing to mainstream (except for The Verge). I would say that maybe that’s a good thing since you can hear some of the others people opinions since everyone using Anchor can also produce their own audio content. Well, if you are also interested in other categories, you will probably found something that fits you.



For the past year or two podcasts and podcasting really became popular. That’s one of the reasons to try this app since you will definitely find some new people talking about stuff that you are interested in. But because everyone can do it that doesn’t mean that all content on Anchor it top notch. From my experience, I couldn’t really find something that really sucked but there are some content creators with a bad microphone. It’s not their fault but it definitely changes your experience.


Well, I can talk about design all day. Anchor has been really doing a good job at keeping the design fresh and new. It’s definitely an important factor for getting new people to use your app. They have really stick to its own design guidelines which is something I really like. Since we are on Android, there some of Google’s Material Design guidelines that the app doesn’t follow, but since the app has it’s own design that is actually really good. It definitely feels a bit iOSish because of all the gradients.


How to use it?

Well, you need to get used to app’s interface, but it shouldn’t take that long. When you open the app you already have recommended stations that you can start listening to. Of course, you can search for new stations if you like, but most of the time I wasn’t satisfied with the search results. Recommended stations will change over time depending on what you like listening to. When you tap on the search, you also have some recommended stations with different topics so that is something you may consider looking at. Once you find the station you like, you can start listening to it. Well, all of the station’s recordings of so-called “segments” will disappear after a 24h period. Unless station doesn’t create a podcast and isn’t active every day you won’t be able to hear anything from it. Those so called segments are probably a game changer for content creators. You can start recording your segment by lifting your phone to the ear (and that’s what reminded me of a Beme). You can also press the button to start recording. In between segments you can add music, interludes, calling and you can also do an interview by calling someone via your phone. When you record your segment you can also add background music so it sounds better and more playful. You can also add other people’s segments to your station if you like. Well, I also need to explain the Call-in feature. Your listeners can call you on your station. You can listen and if you want to share their call in on your profile and comment on it, you can. When you are listening to a station you can also skip segments you don’t like and that’s a game changer in my opinion. So you can listen to what you like and if you don’t like the segment you can just skip it and continue listening next segment.



The app is really stable and for a young company, it works really well. I have experienced some bugs that were usually resolved by closing and reopening the app. Service is also available on the web and iOS, so make sure to check it out. It has a long way to go and definitely needs more quality content creators. Make sure to try it out since you may really like it. If you like and listen to podcasts, I’m sure you will probably like it. Android Circle is also on Anchor, so check us out!