With the sudden introduction of Google giving developers the ability to put their apps on sale, many applications have been going on sale to the point to where they are free for a short time. Normally, it would be incredibly hard to even find these sales and many people were looking for people to create a list. The first people to do this were Android Police, releasing lists of paid apps that were on sale for free over a weekend. But coming out of the mesh, we see this new application called AppSales.

I’ve been using AppSales for a few months now, and I have to give it a massive shout-out. With this new introduction of sales in the Play Store, this application becomes terribly useful to anyone looking for some paid applications for free. AppSales is a free application downloadable from the play store that simply finds all the apps that are on sale whether free or paid and puts them in a list. The app, also has some really handy features, like notifications when new apps go on sale and even a watch list where you, the user, can input in applications that you are looking for a sale on, and AppSales will send you a notification when those applications go on sale.





Each page turns a new useful item to help us further find the applications that we want. The highlights page shows the most downloaded and viewed applications that are on sale during that time. This is the page that shows all sales, whether paid or free.

Now Free

As the name suggests, this section of the app gives a detailed list sorted by how recent the application went on sale for every application that is “Now Free.” Pretty handy for those who aren’t looking to spend any money.

Watch List

Probably the most useful part of this application is the watch list. Using this feature you can input any application that you want to be notified if that application goes on sale. It’s a pretty simple concept but very useful for most people.

I hope this review helped you, and if you have any concerns or just want to say hi, feel free to leave a comment below!