Android is the most loved OS in the world. The main reason for that being the freedom of customization it offers to its users.
Most don’t even bother using anything other than their stock apps, but then there are people like me who are always keeping an eye out for something better. Yes, we are going to look into some apps which have the potential to replace your stock apps. Why? Because having a choice is an amazing feeling.

We’ll eventually cover most of your stock apps, but in this post we’ll be looking into camera apps, because in this digital generation, a picture literally speaks a thousand words… and a thousand hashtags, too. So let us begin.

Mx Camera

Mx Camera is nearly as old as Android itself. It’s an app which started in the initial gingerbread days and still continues to add features. It’s just as loved as any other legacy app. The main highlight of Mx Camera is its ability to form live shots. Live shots were first introduced in iOS as Live Photos, and have caught popularity with both iOS and Android users. Live shots are basically like small videos which come alive when you long-press picture. Pretty nifty to be honest. Mx also hosts all the regular camera functions with a simple and snappy user interface. The pictures come out sharp and rich with a vibrant touch to every picture. The app has a built-in gallery to view your pics and supports easy sharing. With a great dev support, an ever growing user base of 1,00,00,000+ downloads and unique features, Mx Camera will keep you hooked for a while.

Footej Camera

Footej Camera is a simple looking camera app with one of the cleanest UIs. Impressed? Wait till you see the beast hiding within this beauty. Footej is one of the fastest camera in this list. The app outperforms all others in terms of its speed. It supports Slo-mo recording, Burst Mode along with GIF Creation. The pictures come out really sharp and the app supports raw capture too. However, it’s quality is reduced in the free version and the video recording is also limited to 5 min, along with the limitation of 20 photos in burst which can be unlocked through an IAP.

Snap Camera HDR

Now our next contender has been in the photography game for quite some time now, and by quite some time I mean the KitKat era. Yes, and the team behind Snap camera have just kept on improving it. What snap camera lacks in UI, it dominates in features. It is the only camera app in this list to come with an inbuilt gallery app powerful enough to handle all your basic editing needs. It also had a fast picture mode which lets you click pictures without any lag and then there is the HDR+ mode which takes a sec or two to process but the final picture is worth the wait. With every possible feature you could be looking for in a camera app, from time-lapse and Slow-mo recording to 4K and Burst, Snap Camera won’t disappoint you. There are two versions of the app in the Play store, the trial version which gets activated if you’re on Airplane mode, otherwise you’ll have to wait 10 sec. Pretty sweet deal if you’re not planning to buy the app, but if you end up falling in love with it, head out and buy the pro version now.


Proshot is the golden knight here. Why, you ask? Cause it’s the only app to be available in all platforms(yeah, even windows) and it makes sure you don’t regret choosing it over the others. Proshot looks like this complex DSLR with the most simple interface, without feeling cluttered. It is the perfect app for those who are seeking for the DSLR experience in their smart phone. I personally love it because of its raw output rather than compressing the image like others do. The only downside of this application is it doesn’t have a trial version. Yes, it doesn’t, but the price is worth it, and if your device acts up, the dev is fast enough to fix it as soon as possible.


The most simple app in the series. No, it doesn’t have panorama, slow-mo, 4k recording or anything else other than the basic camera. It does one job, but it does it perfectly. VSCO consists of a simple minimalist design which allows you to… take pictures. (Give yourself a pat in the back if you figured that one out! ) . The real magic of VSCO takes place after the capturing. VSCO supports a plethora of editing options including filters to suit the Instagram savvy person inside you. It also includes a store where you can buy more effects and filters and also includes a community where you can upload your creations with the world. Basically VSCO provides you the tools to create a beautiful picture and gives you access to the platform to share it to the world. VSCO can’t replace your camera fully, but if you’re one of those users who rarely open up their camera, or have a creative heart, VSCO is for you.

Hopefully, you found the soul mate camera app for your phone. Tell us your opinions and which one is your favorite camera app in the comments below. Untill next time, Adjust. Focus. Capture.