Sesame shortcuts. Sounds familiar? It should. Cause, the ever loved Nova launcher recently partnered with the app to improve its integrated search feature. Did it succeed?
Hell yeah! I have been using Sesame for a while now, and even though I was skeptical about it initially, that cloud of doubt has long passed.

Improving Searching. Literally.

Sesame not only improves the already well-known app search feature of Nova, but also takes it one step further, making us less prone to jump around different apps to do a search.

Even though it’s still in its beta stage right now, it supports popular apps like Yelp, Netflix, and Spotify to name a few. So basically, you don’t have to jump to Netflix to find out about the latest updates on your favourite TV Show, just add the shortcut and you’ll see an option for search in Netflix right there. The app also tends to improve the longer you use it.

But what I really like is how you can create your own shortcuts for your favorite apps so that they show up on long click, just like the currently trending app shortcuts feature on Android 7.1.x+. Google, for example, consists of around 14 shortcuts like a bubble level, flight info and quite a few more. Though as of the time of writing this post, Sesame doesn’t allow you to delete your self-made shortcuts.

For Non-Nova Users

To all those Non-Nova Users ( Looking at you, Action launcher 3 or pixel edition!).Fret not. Sesame also includes an option called as Screen Edge for you guys. It’ll basically bring up a small keyboard and you can search away your queries.

Final Verdict

Though the app is free to install, it comes with a free trial of 2 weeks, after which you’ll have a persistent notification sitting there to pay an IAP of $2.99 to get the full version. My suggestion would be to give it a whirl, and see for yourself if it’s your thing. I doubt you’ll be disappointed, after all, it’s an extension of the ever loved Nova Launcher. Head to the below link to install Sesame shortcuts, and tell us what you think of it in the comments below.

Sesame Shortcuts